How do you actually make Limoncello?

When I started Googling this question, I was immediately lost.

But as I wasn't impressed by the sweet, old fashioned, grandma recipes, I decided to come up with my own recipe.


It took me nearly a year, before I found the right ingredients and the mixture in the way I had in mind. A year for only four ingredients! A limoncello consists of nothing more then plain alcohol, the oil of lemon peels, sugar and water.

But finally, the first Dutch Limoncello was a fact and I became really proud of all the positive feedback we got from everyone who tasted it.

So, then what?

And then things got really out of hand. Many people got addicted and even my Sicilian in laws gave their approval (except for one Sicilian aunt who likes a more old fashioned sweet Limoncello)
Decide on a nice bottle, create labels, decide on a brand name, create a logo, find a good location for production. And lots of talking to and learning from manufacturers and experts.


DE STILLE(R) Limoncello contains much more lemon oil (distilled from lemonzest) then an average Limoncello. Furthermore, the Limoncello contains less sugar and has a soft taste from using a good grain alcohol and purified water.

With its 32% alcohol, it’s the strongest Limoncello on the market. But with a very soft and pure taste.



Especially for the 15 Dutch MARQT stores, DE STILLE(R) developed a light Limoncello version containing 15% alcohol. We mixed our Limoncello with fresh lemonade from lemon juice. Very often these kind of drinks are referred to as a 'Hard Lemonade'.

We call it 'Limoncino'.

In Juli 2017, the DE STILLE(R) Limoncello won a bronze medal, at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London! The IWSC is one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe for wines, spirits and liquors.

Proud, proud, proud!!!



Yes, we’re going to talk about broth cubes! The most shocking discovery we’ve made the past few years is the method of preparation of spirits. Take some neutral basic alcohol, add a few drops of a tincture in the alcohol, add sugar water and pigment.. and your Amaretto, Vodka, Gin, Jenever, Sambuca or any other drink is done.

The tincture is an extract containing the taste and could best be compared to a broth cube to make soup. And we all now that you just don’t get the best soup, when the base is a broth cube!


We even discovered that another one of our favourite drinks, Bison Grass Vodka, is made with a tincture. Might as well produce that one ourselves!


And suddenly we drank real Bison Grass Vodka! 

What an incredible big difference in taste with the commercial big brands!


Bison Grass Vodka has existed for more than 400 years and originates in Poland. Special Bison grass is infused in the distilled Vodka. This means that the Bison Grass soaks in the Vodka and releases its special flavors. 


This is how Bison Grass Vodka gets its specific soft and spicy taste of hay and wood, with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.


DE STILLE(R) makes the Bison Grass Vodka according tot the old preparation method with pure grain alcohol (from wheat). After the infusion, we filter the alcohol and dilute it with purified water to an alcohol percentage of 40%.

Not only did the DE STILLE(R) Limoncello win a price at the IWSC. The DE STILLE(R) Bison Grass Vodka was even rated higher. SILVER!!!

If you're not aware what this famous and prestigious competition in Londen is about; it's like winning an Oscar with your first debut film.

It's an amazing recognition and appreciation for DE STILLE(R) as a company. Apparently we do something very well and make some extremely nice booze!


DE STILLE(R) specializes in so called infusions. The basis is a top quality grain alcohol. Spices or fruit is added to this basis and during a specific time, soaked in the alcohol. Officially this is called maceration. Depending on the recipe and the ingredients this maceration can take days or even weeks.

After the maceration, the ingredients are removed and the infused alcohol is ready to be processed further into one of our super drinks!

DE STILLE(R) does the whole production in-house. From the infusion all the way to the ready to go box with labelled bottles, is done by ourselves. Not only is this cost saving, it also gives us total control over our production numbers. Besides that, we can now easily control the quality of every step in the production process.


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